• German Camouflage Fabric


    Fabric orders are custom printed to your requirement. Call or email with specifics of your model with any questions.

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    Arizona Models lozenge fabric covering gives the final touch to your German or Austrian aircraft. The three color hex, or four and five color lozenge patterns are printed to order and available in scale sizes as small as 1/16 and as large as full-scale. We normally print on Solar Tex iron on fabric but can on special order print on Stitts or cotton linen. The minimum order requirement is three linear feet but after that we can print as much or as little depending on your application. See the download PDF files on this page for many of the common aircraft print layouts at various scale sizes. These print layouts show the required quantity of the fabric by scale to cover your model aircraft as it would’ve been when leaving the factory. We can print as much or as little for your specific aircraft. We offer a variety of color shades and schemes and can custom match your documentation if necessary. 


    As a special service we can also do color separation outlines for custom graphics superimposed on top of the lozenge print. Complicated graphics such as the Dragon on the side of the Gotha bomber or the seven dwarfs pulling the rope on the side of a Fokker D7 can be outlined on the lozenge print giving you a paint by numbers outline to be able to finish the graphics by hand . If you don’t see what you need give us a call or send an email and we can customize the print to suit your application. When emailing please specify your aircraft type and scale size.