• Albatros D.III


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    Designed by our friend David Johnson the Albatros D3 is a good sturdy airplane. With the flat sided fuselage similar to the D2 the construction is straightforward and without complications. Although very much a model airplane under the skin the outlines are true to scale allowing this model to have successfully competed at Scale Masters, Top Gun, and other contests. The kit features a scale interior, Mercedes engine, vintage wheels, and your choice of Spandau or Schwarlose machine gun’s.


    Kit features

    Easy Construction

    Mercedes Engine

    Spandau Machine Guns (standard)

    Scale Interior with Instruments

    Leather Trim

    Aluminum Spinner

    Aluminum Sheeting

    Vintage Wheels


    Kit options

    3-D Printed Mercedes

    Wire Wheel Upgrade

    Schwarlose Machine Guns (NO Charge Option Specify-at time of order)

    Anemometer (1/4 only)