• Fokker D.VIII


    Downloadable Pictures

    This is a superb and accurately detailed plan set that was designed by David Johnson. It comes complete with directions for a working scale cockpit, pull-pull cable controls and an optional 4 color camouflage lozenge covering which will set you apart in the contest competition arena. This winning design is easy to build and even easier to transport to the field. Plug in your aileron connector, tighten four screws, and your’re off and ready to go!!

    This kit is readily available in the following scales:
    ·1/6th scale (radio- 4 channel, 55” wingspan, a geared 40 Astro Cobalt engine, or 35-45 glow)
    ·1/4th scale (radio- 4 channel, 83” wingspan, a geared 60 Astro Cobalt engine, 180 4 cycle, or a Rota 35 gas)
    ·1/3rd scale (radio- 4 channel, 110” wingspan, a geared 90 Astro Cobalt engine, or a G 62 gas)

    The kit comes complete with the following:
    ·Laser cut parts
    ·Machine guns
    ·Scale instruments
    ·Accessories for a working interior
    ·Leather trim for the cockpit combing
    ·Vintage wire wheels
    ·Le Rhone 9 cylinder rotary engine kit with an aluminum cowl.
    ·Optional 4 color camouflage lozenge covering