• Jungmiester BU 133


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    Our first “Short Kit”, the Bu 133 comes with pneumatic wheels and a complete host of other features. With the construction article reprinted in color, this model is easy to build and a great candidate for a first scale project. You will only need to add the sticks and wire to complete this kit. Optional hardware sets are available for the 1/4th scale and 1/3rd scale sizes at an additional cost. Call us for details!

    This kit is available in the following scales:
    ·1/6th scale
    ·1/4th scale
    ·1/3rd scale

    This kit comes complete with:
    ·Laser cut parts
    ·Full scale cockpit interior
    ·Fiberglass cowl
    ·Fiberglass fenders
    ·Pneumatic wheels