• Nieuport 24 bis & 27 (Combined)


    Downloadable Pictures

    The backbone of Allied Air Power in Europe, the Nieuport series of airplanes remains a favorite with modelers and aviators today. This museum scale kit was based on drawings by Bergen F. Hardesty and a miniaturization of full-sized airplane parts. (Plan use is with the permission of WWI Aero Magazine) With full-scale construction techniques, this challenging project is recommended for experienced modelers, and it is suitable to be left uncovered or modifying the kit for installation of an engine and flight controls. The kit can be built as either the “24” or “27” version, and parts for both are included.

    The kit comes complete with:
    ·Scale drawings
    ·Color photo package on CD-ROM
    ·Laser cut parts
    ·Interior with instruments & leather
    ·9 cylinder engine kit
    ·Lewis & Vickers guns
    ·Spun aluminum cowl
    ·Vintage wheels